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We are looking for committed entrepreneurs with experience in the industrial sector or with large, energy-demanding properties and who want to be part of the transition to renewable energy. You should have a lot of experience planning and installing energy intensive equipment, furnaces or steam systems that can also be run with solar energy.

Solar concentrators are an important tool for expanding the businesses that you are currently working with and making them more energy efficient. You can also achieve high targets in terms of energy savings, while at the same time you help reduce energy costs and the impact on the environment.

One advantage of using a large percentage of solar energy to run your business is that the production can continue even if the delivery of oil and gas is disrupted in some way.

We are project-oriented, and we would like you to have at least one project underway where our products can be used to convert the system from fossil fuels to solar concentrators. Then we can quickly offer you a contract and a technical solution.

Please contact us for more information and a no-obligation call regarding future collaboration.

Phone: +46 611 55 70 00

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