Solar steam from solar concentrators replaces fossil fuel in industrial applications

Steam is a common energy carrier in industry. Absolicon’s solar collectors can produce large amounts of steam that is supplied in the same way as a secondary steam boiler. The steam can also be used in subprocesses in the system or to run the solar cooling.

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Our system for solar steam is geared towards large installations, where the roof of the factory is used to produce a portion of the steam that is needed. Solar steam from the roof reduces costs and lowers the environmental impact. Solar steam is normally between 120-160 degrees Celsius and up to 6 bar in terms of pressure.

Absolicon’s solar collectors can also be installed to reduce fuel consumption in power plants by replacing the fuel with solar energy. Because many industrial processes are designed to be run with steam, Absolicon’s solutions offer reduced energy costs with easy integration and minor changes to existing systems.

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