Agreement signed for a first line

Absolicon has signed an agreement with the Chinese company Heli New Energy Technology to deliver a production line for concentrating solar collectors. 

As reported in August 30:th 2016 and December 22:nd 2016 Absolicon has negotiated with a Chinese consortium to install a complete production line for concentrated solar collectors in the Sichuan province. The contract is now signed.

The order marks the start for Absolicon’s robotized production line which will produce a solar collector every 6 minutes which yields 100,000 m2 of solar collectors per year.

“By using robots in mass production, we lower the production costs. Our goal is to make solar energy the cheapest source of energy for industries and district heating networks”, says Joakim Byström, CEO Absolicon Solar Collector AB.


Landshövding Gunnar Holmgren och vd Joakim Byström med gäster från Sichuanprovincen i januari 2016.

County Governor Gunnar Holmgren and Absolicon’s guests from the Sichuan province that visited Härnösand in January 2016 together with Joakim Byström, Absolicon.

The deal is rooted in China’s 13th five-year plan that specifies that China will invest in industrial solar heating in industries with large heat requirements and industrial parks. The market value of the investments in the demonstration projects for industrial application and district heating that are pointed out by the Chinese energy administration, NEA, is approximately 20 billion SEK. Absolicon’s solar collector T160 gives in comparison with the standard flat solar panels in many places 50% higher yield at 85°C working temperature.