Asian Development Bank has chosen Absolicon

Asian Development Bank and WWF have chosen Absolicon as one out of fifty companies to present their concentrating solar collector technology at Asia-Pacific Summit on Low Carbon Technology in October 19-21 2016 in the Chinese city Changsha.

After the climate agreement in Paris the international institutions intensify their climate work and it benefits those companies that develop solutions that phase out coal and oil. Asian Development Bank organizes in October 2016 the  Asia-Pacific Summit on Low Carbon Technology and has invited Absolicon to present their concentrating solar collector technology.

The conference is a cooperation with the city Changsha and brings together companies that are experts on technology for a world with low carbon emissions and actors that work with technology transfers and investments. WWF in China has helped the Asian Development Bank to pick the companies.

“It is exciting that China on this level once again chooses us at Absolicon when they want to show solutions to lower carbon emissions”, comments CEO Joakim Byström. This is an additional platform for us and our Chinese partner to build relationships in China’s different regions.

Asian Development Bank is one of the multilateral investment banks that finance large government and private regional investments in the world equivalent to 1000 billion SEK in capital. The largest financiers of the bank are Japan and USA. The goal is to reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific region.

WWF has through its program Climate Solver for almost ten years identified companies whose products can help contribute to solving the climate issue and highlighted already in 2008 Absolicon’s concentrated solar collector.

Changsha has 7 million inhabitants and is the province capital in the Hunan province in southeast China. The city is one of China’s twenty most important economical centers but also has large issues with air pollution from coal burning, industry and traffic.