Heat and electricity for district heating network

A few years ago, the oil was replaced by a woodchip fired furnace. Now the wood-fired heating is supplemented with solar energy, primarily during the summer when the furnace is expensive to keep running. The purchaser for the system is Bävergläntans Fastighets in Smedjebacken, in Dalarna province, in Sweden. Twenty solar collectors were connected to Bävergläntan’s wood-chip fired furnace, which provide heat and electricity to both the property and which can be sold on to other industrial businesses. The customer received solar power subsidies for the installation.

Installation facts
Location: Smedjebacken, Sweden
Number of solar collectors: 20
Size of installation: 200m 2
Mounting: Roof installation
Electricity production: 20 kWp
Heat production: 80 kWp

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