Solar energy at Indian hospital

A 100 m2 solar collector ensures that the hospital in Mohali has both electricity and hot water for its operations. The system is installed on the roof. Some 50 m2 consists of an Absolicon X10 PVT system that generates electricity and heat. The other 50 m2 includes Absolicon’s model for higher temperatures, T10, which can be connected to a solar cooling unit for the hospital’s air conditioning system. The purchaser is Bergen Group, Absolicon’s partner in the Indian market. The system was unveiled on 22 April 2012 at a ceremony.

Installation facts, Mohali hospital
Number of solar collectors: 10
Size of installation: 100 m2
Mounting: Roof installation
Electricity production: 5 kWp
Heat production: 45 kWp
Installation date: January 2012

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