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Learn more about Absolicon och our solar energy systems that provide electricity and heat for large properties and plants around the world. Absolicon has over 20 installations on three continents and in this new magazine you can see some of them.

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This magazine is a way of showing those of you with an interest in Absolicon what we’re doing these days. We’re a company built on the understanding that solar energy is the only source of energy that can independently fulfill mankind’s energy needs and that concentrated solar energy is an important part of the solution to the world’s energy problems.

Absolicon has developed unique expertise in building solar energy systems and can realize the vision of renewable energy that so many of us have. During the past 12 months, we’ve concentrated on completing reference installations. We can now present an impressive portfolio of installations in various areas – for hospitals, hotels, industry and district heating networks. Moreover, we have installations in different climatic zones on three continents.

We’re now prepared to begin selling our products on a global market. This has required major effort by all – open-minded customers, patient investors, industrious suppliers and skilled staff. We’re now adapting our organization and turning outwards. I was at a primary school recently and talked about solar energy. The children were fully convinced that today’s energy systems with coal and oil are wrong and they didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t using solar energy instead. When I tried to explain that major investments are necessary and that it takes time to change an old system, the children showed no understanding. “If you know what needs to be done, you should just do it,” as one eight-year-old boy put it.

But it costs to sell in larger projects, and the time between the first contact and delivery is long. The Swedish projects have often taken two years from when the customer gives the go-ahead until the completed field is in place. Planning, financing, applications, building permits, negotiations – they all take time. Despite this, we have progressed rapidly in going from technical ideas to full-scale installations. During 2011, we had a market share of 20 percent for all solar heating in Sweden in larger installations.

We’re now moving from projects of a few hundred square meters to tendering projects of thousands or tens of thousands square meters. We’ve even signed agreements to build solar collector factories in Germany and India (see article at page 2).

Welcome to Absolicon!
Joakim Byström