Royal interest in concentrated solar energy

Prince Daniel was interested in concentrated solar energy

Joakim Byström, Absolicon received a visit from Prince Daniel at the booth.

Solar energy was on the agenda for day two of the visit by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to Härnösand and Västernorrland. Absolicon was one of the exhibitors at a mini-exhibition, and one of the visitors at their booth was Prince Daniel.

“Prince Daniel has a lot of experience in risk capital and we had an interesting conversation,” says Joakim Byström from Absolicon, who advised the royal couple to supplement their wood pellet heating system at Haga castle with solar collectors.

Absolicon’s own solar collector converts solar energy into both electricity and heat. There were demonstration systems on display at the Sweden Green Tech Building in Stockholm, at Härnösand’s Energipark, the Skule Naturum in Kramfors and at the County Hall for Västernorrland.

“We are halfway between the development phase and large scale production,” says Joakim Byström, who later had dinner with the royal couple at the Residenset castle in Härnösand.

At the mini-exhibition at Technichus in Härnösand, several creative entrepreneurs from different parts of Västernorrland participated by demonstrating new and exciting industries. Technichus is a popular science environment that uses playfulness and experimentation to promote entrepreneurship and interest in technology among children and youth.

The royal couple visited Härnösand on November 7-8.