Solar energy system to Uppsala clinic

Construction of Psykiatrins Hus, a new psychiatric clinic in Uppsala, is rapidly progressing and it is now clear that a portion of the facility’s electricity and heating needs will be met with solar collectors from the Swedish solar energy company Absolicon. The investment in solar energy is important for the project in achieving green building certification.

For Absolicon, it will be the third installation on a hospital roof

“We’re offering our unique solar collectors to hospitals all over the world,” say Absolicon’s Johan Bergström. “Hospitals are major consumers of electricity and they also have stringent demands for energy reliability. With our technology, the facility will receive both electricity and heat from its own roof.”

The installation will total 220 m2 and be conducted in collaboration with Tema, which is responsible for the construction project. The solar collectors, which track the sun during the day, will be installed on the roof and interact with the building’s district heating system.

“We’re building with environmentally correct materials and techniques,” says Gunnar Gedin, business area manager for Tema project managers. “The building will also have support for future systems for energy supply and goods transports.”

Work with the psychiatric clinic in Uppsala began in 2006 and completion is slated for 2013. This will be a new building for specialized psychiatry and it is being built in the Uppsala University Hospital’s core area. One of the objectives is to gather all psychiatric care at the same location.

“Our most recent hospital installation in India is more productive thanks to the high levels of solar radiation, but solar energy is even profitable for hospitals in Sweden,” says Joakim Byström, Absolicon’s founder.

Photo: Aerial photo with the architect’s rendering of the new building upon completion. (