Swedish Government starts new Solar Engineer education

The Swedish government has awarded the small city of Härnösand a unique solar energy education. The education is creating a new kind of Solar Engineer who can do complete 3D CAD drawings for integration of solar energy into large buildings and industries.

- “This is a unique education in Sweden”, explains Karin Wahlqvist, head of the vocational school in Härnosand. “It combines traditional heat system installation knowledge with state of the art software for integrated 3D drawing and heat calculations”.

Absolicon started the Solar Energy School in 2005 together with the local administration and the school has trained over 100 solar installers.

However, the weak solar thermal market of households in Sweden has called for a temporary halt in the training. Instead, a new training concept has been developed, more suited for apartment buildings and industrial solar applications.

The CEO of Absolicon, Joakim Byström, is very satisfied with the government’s decision.

- “Absolicon is moving into even larger systems and deeper into system design and industrial integration. The new Solar Engineer is well suited for our future needs.”

The school is accepting applications from February 17:th to May 15:th 2014.

Please contact http://www.hetautbildningar.se/