The sun heats large pool area

Solfångare värmer bassänger på Stödebadet

A field of solar collectors from Absolicon heat the pools at Stödebadet, at local bathhouse outside of Sundsvall.

A field of 40 solar collectors provides Stödehuset outside of Sundsvall with heat and electricity. The installation heats the water for both the indoor and outdoor pools.

The purchaser is Sundsvall Energy, and the installation replaces a large part of the facility’s oil consumption.

By using solar energy, Stödebadet hopes to offer warmer pools and expanded business hours. The customer received solar power subsidies for the installation.

“It feels very exciting for us at Sundsvall Energi to be a part of the new, climate-smart technology,” says Mats Bäck, Head of Development at Sundsvall Energy.