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Certificate of Patent for Utility Model in China


Absolicon has received notice that the invention "Holder for securing as fluid tube to a trough-formed solar collector" has been granted Certificate of Patent for Utility Model in China. The utility model is part of a patent family where the corresponding international patent application has previously resulted in a positive assessment of the PCT authority (Patent Cooperation Treaty).

The approved Certificate of Patent for Utility Model describes how to increase the heat exchange in Absolicon’s concentrating solar collectors. The solution includes a custom holder for the receiver tube that increases the exposed surface. The receiver bracket is designed for the solar collector T160 but will also work in future models.

– This invention will increase the efficiency of our solar collectors and we are therefore pleased that it is now also protected in the Chinese market, says Patrik Blidefalk, patent engineer and IPR Manager at Absolicon.
Absolicon now has a total of ten granted or applied for patent families on the solar collector technology.

In five patent families, one or more patents are already granted in Sweden or abroad. The patents granted relate to the production line, the design of the solar collector and the generation of electricity and heat simultaneously from a receiver tube. Five patent families are still being processed.

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