Absolicon, a sunny journey toward solving the world’s energy problem

Ever since childhood, Absolicon’s founder and CEO Joakim Byström has been fascinated by mathematics and solar energy. At age eleven, he drew his first solar concentrator. This is the story of Absolicon.

Joakim Byström, grundare Absolicon

Joakim Byström, founder Absolicon

Studying engineering physics, researching solar energy and holding the chairmanship of the youth organization, Förbundet Unga Forskare (Union of Youth Researchers), were important steps on the journey toward realizing the dream of generating heat and electricity from sunlight. Joakim also took part in the UN Commission for Sustainable Development panel and initiated the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

In 2002, the family company Logosol financed a research project on solar concentrators. The project involved a dozen projects, including projects at the Borlänge Technical College, the University of Lund, Uppsala University and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. In 2005, the project took a more focused approach with the goal of creating a commercial product.

Absolicon Solar Collector was established in 2007, and work began on full-scale prototypes, including with the support of the Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency).

Today, Absolicon is a research and growth company with 20 installations on three continents. The next part of the journey in conquering the world with solar concentrators is to establish a distributor network in export markets and make the sales volumes more efficient. Welcome on board as a distributor or customer. Contact us for more information.

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