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SOLAR thermal Implementation

Absolicon offers a system-wide solution with maximum collector efficiency and reliable plant operation, which can supply heat, steam, and cooling processes in the same system.


Integrating solar heat in your plant

Solar heat can be integrated at multiple integration points into the existing heating system. The highest possible solar system efficiency is achieved by prioritizing low-temperature integrations points.


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Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal energy storage or heat storage, in the form of heat batteries, allows plants to store heat to run on renewable solar energy during hours when the sun is not shining. In this way, thermal storage optimizes energy costs by providing heat directly to the process without the need for conversion. This system enables greater fuel savings, lower CO2 emissions, and greater economic savings for industries.

Monitor your solar field’s performance hour by hour

Designed for remote monitoring of the performance of Absolicon solar installations, the Plant Dashboard allows you to gather, log, and monitor operational data from your solar fields around the world, enabling simplified access from multiple devices such as computers, mobiles, or tablets.

With Absolicon dashboard customizable features you will be able to monitor and evaluate the energy production of your applications and many other customizable KPIs.

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