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Absolicon help industries change from fossil fuels, providing a profitable, easy-to-install, and emission-free heat solution using solar thermal resources. We hold more than ten years of operational experience from all parts of the world showcased in worldwide references.

From district heating projects in the North of Sweden to breweries in Southern Europe and energy plants in Africa, our extensive experience spans diverse locations and varying demands. We specialize in tailoring solar thermal solutions to meet your unique conditions and requirements.

What unifies our diverse clientele is their shared commitment to ambitious sustainability goals and a resolute drive to decarbonize production processes. In the quest to reduce Scope 1 emissions, a critical step is breaking free from fossil fuel dependence. Our solar thermal implementations have empowered our clients to significantly cut CO2 emissions while simultaneously reducing energy costs, providing them with a clear roadmap toward achieving their Net-Zero targets.

The light weight of our solar collectors offers a wide range of installation options, like our Power plant installation in Kenya where our the solar collectors have been installed in an elevated structure 5.5m above the ground. Similarly, our industrial rooftop installation in Athens, Greece, demonstrates the adaptability and modularity of our technology, effectively maximizing available space and harnessing irradiation for optimal performance.

Whether your require heat for hot water, steam, heat storage, or a combination of these, we will customize a renewable heat solution for you, ensuring easy integration into your facility. This will enable you with a 24/7 production through renewable and emission free heat.

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