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Solar Thermal Energy

Industrial process heat with Solar Thermal

By providing heat, steam, and cooling for industrial-scale processes, Absolicon´s solar thermal solutions can reduce the existing heating cost, prevent CO2 emissions, and ensure energy security for industries, making it possible a cost-effective transition from fossil fuels.

Absolicon unique technology for extracting energy from the sun is certified by Solar Keymark and provides a renewable solar heating integration on both process and supply levels to supplement or replace current fuel. 

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How it works

Once the sunlight reaches the surface of the reflector, this one bounces the light towards the receiver tube. The receiver surface absorbs the solar energy, its composition maximizes the absorption and minimizes the heat losses. Once the receiver is heated up, it transfers the heat to the working fluid inside the receiver tube, to then transfer the energy required by the customer. The cover glass keeps safe the reflector and receiver from the outdoor environment. Additionally, the tracking system increases the performance, when following the sun throughout the day to absorb more energy. The solar collector field is placed near the facilities and is easy to install and remount if the need for land usage changes.

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With solar heat integration you get:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: Most industries consume most of their energy as heat for production processes. Using solar heat this part of the heat demand is met without emissions.
  • Reduction in fuel cost: Solar heat replaces the cost of buying expensive fuel used to heat industrial processes. Solar heat also reduces the cost of transporting the fuel.
  • Energy security: The fuel prices are prone to rapid changes, which can negatively affect the industry revenues. Solar energy provides sustainable heat, ensuring energy security for industries.

Converting to solar energy is a long-term investment. With the help of our Field simulator, you can estimate your energy savings and calculate a reduction in costs.

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The world is undoubtedly facing a Challenge. The economic growth is increasing, and so is the demand for everyday products and production rates for industries to meet this demand.

Co2 Emission Trend

As much as Industries generally rely on internal energy production, most typically steam boiler systems for heat production, the largest portion of the energy consumption for production still comes from coal and oil.

At the same time, international frameworks such as Paris Agreement are already set, and emissions must decrease rapidly to meet climate goals and stop climate change.

At Absolicon we help industries with the transition from fossil fuels providing renewable solar thermal solutions to reduce the existing heating cost, prevent CO2 emissions, and ensure energy security for industries.

Solar thermal technology can be integrated at multiple points into the existing heating system and supply heatsteam, and cooling processes with the same system.

Get started

Download our brochure by clicking the button below, and contact us for an initial discussion about the opportunities with solar thermal energy and how it could be applied in your plant.

Download the brochure about solar thermal energy for industries


Our technology has multiple applications in different industrial sectors such as Food and BeverageBreweryTextilePulp and PaperChemicalsDistrict HeatingDesalinationPharmaceuticalsTeaDairyMining.

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