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Unique technology, shared goals

Absolicon has a unique technology, based on 20 years of research, for extracting energy from the sun. We are on a mission to lead the change towards a sustainable energy supply for our planet.

The world’s energy usage is rapidly rising as living standards increase for billions of people in the developing world. In order to ensure that they get the same privileges we do today, their energy needs must be met with renewable energy. The goal of achieving sustainable energy solutions is not ours, it accounts for everyone on our planet.




By developing, manufacturing and selling solar energy systems that generate renewable energy in various forms, we are helping to solve the world’s energy problem. Fossil energy resources are limited.

The sun will be shining for a least another 4 billion years.


Our unique technology outperforms fossil fuels and transforms the world’s heat supply to renewable energy by being present in all countries of the earth.


By providing world-leading, cost-effective solar heat solutions for industries around the world, we are on a mission to lead the change towards a sustainable heat supply for our planet.

Core values


We respect the world we inherited and the environment we’re leaving behind for generations to come.
We respect the people who lived before us, live alongside us and that are coming when we are gone.
We respect the natural resources and how we can use them efficiently without violating the earth.
We respect each other, the people we work with and our partners.
And we respect the fact that we can not do this alone.


We are committed to making a difference.
We are committed to transforming the world’s energy supply.
We are committed to sharing knowledge to help businesses meet the demands of the future in a sustainable  way.
We are committed to our partners and stay until they stand on their own.
We are committed to our work and to each other and we carry our company with pride.


We stand upon one mans vision that became our own.
We believe we can make a change.
We believe great things can be made from a small place.
We envision a bright tomorrow.
We will never stop.


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