Absolicon donated Christmas gift to Doctors Without Borders

Absolicon and Logosol has taken the initiative (50 000 EUR) to donate half a million SEK  to Doctors Without Borders in December in cooperation with the property entrepreneur Roger Akelius .

“Doctors Without Borders is one of the organizations that can make a difference for the victims of the war in Syria and in other hot spots”, says Joakim Byström who is the initiator of the collection and CEO of the solar energy company Absolicon.

In High Coast Industrial Group the region’s leading engineering and export companies cooperate in matters that involve regional cooperation, competence maintenance, research and development. Together the companies represent a large part of the regional export and a couple of thousand employees.

“The companies in the High Coast Industrial Group work in a global market and we saw an opportunity to cooperate to make a difference for people in vulnerable areas”, says Malte Frisk, CEO at Logosol, chairman in the High Coast Industrial Group and who led the collection work.

That the opportunity was of extra interest right now is due to the initiative from the financier Roger Akelius to double what is donated  in December to the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

“We companies donate together approximately 250 000 SEK (25 000 EUR) and since Akelius doubles it that means half a million Swedish kronor is donated to Doctors Without Borders”, says Malte Frisk.

Among the companies that donate most is Absolicon, Logosol, Edmo Lift, Elpress, Stringo, Haglöf and Mondi Dynäs while many more companies donate smaller amounts.