Sun provides heating and cooling to the hospital

When the sun rises over the sea, there is a humming sound from the ceiling at the community hospital. This is the sound of five solar collectors that are pointed at the sun in order to generate electricity, heating and cooling for the radiology department two floors below during the day. The purchaser is the County Council, and the installation is part of an EU project to promote new energy technology. The installation is one of five plants that are part of the CleanTech Demonstration Area. The plant includes a screening room that has attracted more than 20 ambassadors and several ministers.

Installation facts
Location: Harnosand, Sweden
Number of solar collectors: 5
Size of installation: 36 m2
Mounting: Galvanized steel on roof
Heat production: 14 kWp
Electricity production: 2,6 kWp
Installation date: 8 april 2010

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