Contract reached for production in India and Germany

Plans are ready for an Absolicon factory in Germany. When the solar energy industry grows, Absolicon will invest in licensed manufacturing of solar concentrators in various markets as a complement to exports from Härnösand.

Interest in starting to manufacture Absolicon’s solar collectors is great. The office in Härnösand receives new queries each month, primarily from Asia. Absolicon has signed two cooperation agreements; one with a German company and one with Bergen Group in New Delhi, India to obtain the rights to manufacture Absolicon’s products.
“In the agreements we combine a license to our patents and the right to use our brand with Absolicon being part owner of the factory,” explains Johan Sandberg, CEO at Absolicon.
By demanding partial ownership of the factory, Absolicon gains control over how growth will develop, which is particularly important in large markets like India. The factories that are planned are more automated than the current Swedish production plants, which will make manufacturing much cheaper.
“Our partners in both Germany and India have already invested millions in terms of preparation, and we expect that the first licensed-manufactured solar collectors from both India and Germany will roll out in 2013 as well.
Preparing the factory buildings has been very resource-intensive, but when the concept is well established, several interesting markets will be waiting.
“In the future, we see regional production facilities in all large markets. The next step would be to set up factories in the USA, Mexico and Chile” , reveals Johan Sandberg regarding Absolicon’s plans for the future.