Solar energy power plant for electricity and heat

In Härnösand, Sweden’s first solar power plant for combined electricity and heat production has been connected to the local district heating system. The power plant delivered by Absolicon Solar Collector AB generates heat   that is fed into the district heating system and electricity that is fed into the grid.[/ingress ]

- We are proud to have finalized this power plant, which will generate environmentally friendly heat and electricity to the citizens of Härnösand, says Absolicons Joakim Byström, in a comment.

The installation at the local energy company HEMAB in Härnösand is unique in many ways; first of all, it is the first combined solar power plant that produces heat and electricity for a district heating plant. Furthermore, the installation includes the first power purchase agreement (PPA) involving solar thermal heat in Sweden. The local energy company thereby only pays for the thermal heat that is produced.

- The energy company has through this unique contract with Absolicon been able to both buy energy at a low cost, and at the same time it has been able to get an even greener image, which is important in today’s energy market, comments Joakim Byström.

The solar power plant consists of 200 m² of Absolicons X10 PVT product, and thus produces 100 kWp thermal heat and 20 kWp electricity.