Transit center powered by solar energy

The roof for protecting travelers from the elements at the new transit center is now getting yet another important function. Six solar collectors will be installed for production of electricity and heat.

The installation will be connected to the district heating system and surplus heat will go to households in Härnösand. The electricity produced will power lighting and fans in the building.

“We’ve been involved in the new transit center from the start, and it’s gladdening that the contractor NVS has now chosen six of our solar collectors for the building,” says Johan Sandberg, president of Absolicon.

The new transit center will be finished in the spring of 2013 and travelers will then be greeted by rooftop solar collectors that track the sun during the day to maximize power generation.

“I believe that Härnösand wants to use the installation to signal that it is a city with a long tradition in the field of energy, with both academic institutions and businesses at the leading edge,” says Johan Sandberg.