Make a bright calculation

It only takes a few seconds with Absolicon’s calculator to discover how profitable solar energy can be. The calculations are based on extensive simulations and use solar radiation data from NASA. For a simple estimate, choose just one location for the installation, but for a more advanced estimate, you need to enter your own numbers and you will receive decision-making data that is tailored to your business.

Start by selecting the location of the installation, and the estimate will be automatically adjusted for the sun exposure at that location.

Simple estimate
By using the default options, you will get an estimate for a system at a small oil-based industry that needs steam for certain processes or an estimate for a small district heating network using natural gas.

Advanced estimate
To customize the estimate you can go in and adjust the default values. You can change the numbers so that the estimate is appropriate for everything from a hotel to a small coal-fired power plant.

Estimate your profit