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Field Simulator Guide: Make your Fields come true!

With the new version of our Field Simulator you´ll get a powerful tool to calculate Advantages and Savings of turning into Solar Thermal Energy for your business.

Read our Field Simulator Guide, Try our Free tool and start your Journey towards Green Technologies today!

Absolicon Field Simulator it´s available at

Our new Field Simulator it´s free and finally available at


Why should I use a Field Simulator?

What if you could have a tool that allows you to rapidly calculate the effective Savings that you would have by building your own Solar Collector Field based on your current Fuel and Energy Demand?

It would be useful right?

Well, today we can proudly say that we have launched the new version of our Field Simulator.

It´s a very intuitive tool and is easy to use.

You just need to choose your future field location, Customize the size and the temperature demand and in a Few Steps you will Immediately Forecast:

  • The Energy Production of the Solar Field;
  • The Cost Savings;
  • The Fossil Fuel Savings;
  • The reduced Co2 emissions.

Watch the Video and learn more about how to use our Field Simulator:

Field Simulator Explainer – A quick Video Guide

A quick Guide

Absolicon´s Field Simulator it´s a very intuitive tool that allows you to immediately calculate the Advantages and Savings of turning into Solar Thermal Energy for your business.

Turning into Green Technologies might look like a big jump but we know how to make things easier, and our Field Simulator is as easy as it gets.

Evaluate the potentials of your own Solar Thermal Field in 4 Simple Steps:

  • Locate your Field: you can select directly from Google Maps or enter the address;
  • Enter the desired production temperature;
  • Enter the current energy source for an immediate benchmark;
  • Enjoy your results and share them if you want to.

Not happy with the results yet?

Don´t worry the Field Simulator is a free tool and you can try it again!

Click and Try Our Free Field Simulator and start your journey towards Green Technologies today:

Field Simulator. Try it now!

Field Simulator. Try it now!

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