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Renewable heat solutions for industry demand

How to decarbonize your heat supply

By providing world-leading, cost-effective solar heat solutions for industries around the world, we are on a mission to lead the change towards a sustainable energy supply for our planet.

5 common challenges in industrial production:

  • Climate Change Imperatives
  • Fluctuating Energy Costs
  • Stricter Sustainability Regulations
  • Financial KPIs
  • Sustainability Consumer Demand
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5 common challenges in industrial production

Renewable heat solutions

A customized integration between technologies combines with a a heat storage will optimize the price and overall system performance.

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Renewable heat solutions
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Converting to solar energy is a long-term investment.

With the Absolicon field simulator, you can now sketch your future solar collector field based on your energy demand, estimate your energy savings, and calculate the reductions in costs of the transition towards renewable heat.

Field Simulator
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