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Absolicon becomes supplier of components and materials


Absolicon is investing to supply materials to their customers on production lines and simultaneously reduce the cost and raise the performance of the world’s best solar collector.

The sale of solar collector factories is a good deal but there is also lots of money to earn in supplying materials to solar collector factories. Absolicon is now investing in tools and development to also become the best supplier of component materials in the world.

The investment is divided in two – partly investing in tooling to be able to manufacture cheap components, partly producing materials with unique properties that improve the performance of solar collectors.

– “Taking control of the supply of materials together with sub-contractors is a strategic step”, Joakim Byström, CEO of Absolicon Solar Collector AB, explains. “We help our licensees to reduce their costs for solar collectors at the same time as we increase Absolicon’s share of the deal.”

The supply of materials will sell for large sums. Ten production lines in full operation need to purchase materials for 1 billion SEK a year. Absolicon is aiming at supplying half of this.

– “It’s not about manufacturing ourselves in the first place. Our investment is taking place together with sub-contractors we have considered to be suitable. We invest in their manufacturing process and receive a share of the sales in the form of royalties”, says Christer Pekkala, engineer at Absolicon.

With its investment, Absolicon is counting on both earning more money and lowering the cost of solar collectors, which shortens pay-off times when solar energy replaces oil and gas.

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