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solar collectors

Designed to run industrial processes, Absolicon solar concentrators have a unique technology based on 20 years of research and have 10 years of operational experience.

With our Solar collectors, you get the highest optical efficiency ever achieved for a parabolic trough collector (PTC), high reliability and quality with Solar Keymark and ICC-SRCC certifications, and a 5-year hardware warranty.

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Absolicon Solar thermal Collectors Field

Absolicon Production Line

Designed for local commercial mass-production of Absolicon concentrating solar collectors.

With Absolicon Production Line, you can now be our licensed Production Partner and take the lead towards the growing demand for renewable energy in your region.

By operating the Absolicon production line, our partners worldwide can achieve a cost-effective production of our awarded solar collectors, limiting transport costs and adapting material choices to the conditions and supply of their local market.

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ABB robots Absolicon solar collectors production line

Heat Supply

At Absolicon, we are committed to the transition to renewable solar heat.

We help your industry reduce fossil fuels consumption, providing a reliable and competitive solution at a predictable price.

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We are Absolicon Solar Collector AB

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