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Cooperation & Suppliers

The production process of Absolicon’s T160 Production line for commercial production of the concentrating T160 Solar collector is optimized by producing the product in one continuous motion from material to finished product, with no storage of intermediates. The process includes cooperation with industry-leading suppliers.

ABB Robotics

6-axis industrial robots

Two work stations are equipped with ABB industrial robots, tasked with adhesive application and glass mounting. The industrial robot production ensures rapid production pace, perfect replicability and high quality of critical process steps. The robotic controls are completely integrated into the production line control system.

Siemens Automation

PLC systems, Human Machine Interfaces & Controllers

Siemens automation systems are used to control all aspect of the production line operation. Siemens PLC systems controls the production flow and machine movements and the operators communicate with the system through HMI units in the work stations. In the Siemens system, all relevant production parameters are also logged and displayed to the production supervision, to allow continuous quality and production management.

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