Solar cooling using solar concentrator technology provides free air conditioning

Solar heat can be used to run solar cooling equipment in order to generate cost-free air conditioning for a property. Solar cooling is a proven technology that can be combined with a gas or oil furnace as a backup.

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There are many different principles that are used to generate solar cooling from heat, but one rule is that the processes become more efficient at higher temperatures. At 80 degree Celsius, 1 kWh of heat can generate 0.7 kWh of cooling. At 160 degree Celsius, 1 kWh of heat can generate 1.6 kWh of cooling. Lower temperatures often work best in smaller systems, where large cooling systems should work at higher temperatures.

One solar cooling system generates cooling and a large amount of warm water at 35 degrees Celsius. This can be used to heat the pool at a hotel or to preheat the hot water in a home. The heat can also be cooled down using a cooling tower.

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