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Solar collector

Designed to run industrial processes. Emissions free.

Absolicon solar collector T160 runs industrial processes with temperatures up to 160°C. Absolicon T160 has the highest ever measured optic efficiency, 76,4 %.



Quick facts

Operation temperature: 40-160°C
Operation pressure: 16 bar
Optical efficiency: >76 %
Patents: 10

Industrial application.

With an operational temperature of up to 160°C, the Absolicon T160 can supply heat and steam to a wide spectrum of processes and industrial segments. Solar heat can be integrated at multiple integration points into the existing heating system.

Important applications include industries, such as textile, brewery, tea, dairy, food processing, and district heating. Solar heat is also used in residential properties with large energy need all year long.

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Solar collectors integration into existing systems

Record performance.

Absolicon has a unique technology, based on 20 years of research. Our solar collector T160  has the highest optical efficiency ever for a small parabolic trough, was the first of its kind to be certified with Solar Keymark, and contains world-class components.

Absolicon has, through its own research and various collaborations, found methods that reduce cost and raise performance levels of our products.

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Components of the T160 solar collector

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Calculate your savings.

With Absolicon T160 Solar collector you save both money and CO2 emissions.

Our Field simulator will help you calculate your savings and sketch a future solar collector field based on your energy demand.

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Calculate cost and emissions savings with Absolicon solar collector field simulator

Projects & references.

The world’s largest brewing group, AB InBev and Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the world’s largest desalination company have both chosen Absolicon for solar heat integration and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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Solar thermal park for district heating.

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