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Absolicon expands patent protection with US patent for automated quality control


Solar collectors for industrial thermal energy manufactured in Absolicon's production lines undergo automated quality control to guarantee the certified high performance. Absolicon was recently granted a U.S. patent that protects the basic principles of the quality control and is thereby extending the already extensive patent protection for its core technology and production processes.

Absolicon’s solar collectors consist of a unique technology, based on 20 years of research, for the extraction of thermal energy. The high performance of the solar collectors has been verified by the German certification body DIN CERTCO, which has granted Absolicon’s solar collectors the quality certification Solar Keymark, and by the ICC-SRCC certification for North America, both ensuring reliability and high quality.

The performance of each finished solar collector is checked by an automated quality control in Absolicon’s production line, where a machine with the help of cameras, image recognition algorithms and advanced geometric calculations measures and evaluates central optical properties of the solar collector. The fact that all solar collectors are measured as an integrated part of the production process enables Absolicon to ensure that all solar collectors leaving the production line maintain the promised quality.

In December 2023, Absolicon was granted a U.S. Patent (No. 11,835,267) that protects the basic principles of the automated machine that measures the optical quality of the solar collectors produced in the Absolicon production line.

“The fact that we have now extended the patent protection for our production process is positive news in itself, but it also shows the capacity Absolicon has to develop innovative production processes. By patenting the control, Absolicon shows that quality assurance is a key area for us when we develop our technology”, says Jonatan Mossegård, CTO.

The now granted patent is the first in this patent family and thus means an extension of the already extensive patent protection that Absolicon has for its core technology and production processes.

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