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Absolicon News update March 2022


SWCC in Saudi Arabia receives funds for extended solar installation
The desalination company SWCC has received positive news about financing a project with 660 m2 of solar collectors for desalination in Saudi Arabia. Absolicon has in 2021 installed a pilot plant at a research institute owned by SWCC and the company has now been granted funds to expand with more solar heat. Absolicon and SWCC are now negotiating how and when a possible collaboration could take place as Absolicon is currently focusing on deliveries to Europe.

Absolicon visits brewery in the Canary Islands
Absolicon has during the first quarter of 2022 visited an AB InBev brewery in Gran Canaria. The technical management at the brewery has backed a project to install solar heating to power its processes. The solar heat would replace the fuel oil they now burn to produce beer. In breweries, 2 liters of oil are generally burned for every 100 liters of beer. Absolicon is already planning an installation in a brewery belonging to AB InBev in Maputo, Mozambique.

Payments from production line partners
Due to the lack of electronics, Absolicon has offered framework agreement customers the opportunity to make a prepayment before ordering a complete line. The payment of € 100,000 against a bank guarantee means that Absolicon starts ordering components to deliver the line. The payment is then deducted from the purchase price for the production line.

Phoenix Solar Thermal in Canada is the first company to make such an agreement with Absolicon, which was announced on 2022-03-17.

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