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Nett Zero Heat Pty Ltd signs agreement for production of Absolicon solar collectors in Australia


Absolicon and Nett Zero Heat Pty Ltd (NZH) has signed an agreement to cooperate on manufacture in Australia of Absolicon’s patented solar thermal concentrators to produce medium temperature steam.

Nett Zero Heat Pty Ltd (NZH) is an Australian start-up aiming to decarbonise industrial heat, steam and hot water and create a new sustainable manufacturing company in Australia. Together with Swedish Absolicon, they have now taken the first step towards the establishment of a production line for concentrating solar thermal collectors in Australia.

Strong production capacity to meet the large demand

Australian manufacturing industry depends on gas as its primary source of heat, hot water and steam1.

Swedish Absolicon has developed a unique concentrating solar collector for industrial heat. Today, companies such as Carlsberg, Birra Peroni and Colgate-Palmolive use solar heating from Absolicon.

The number of solar thermal installations in industries increased by 60% between 2021 and 20222. Continued strong growth requires a large increase in manufacturing capacity.

In order to create a competitive business for the solar collectors, Absolicon has developed a production line for local mass production of solar collectors.

Absolicon’s production line creates competitive conditions for Absolicon’s solar heating and the cooperation agreement entails exclusive Absolicon IP rights for Australia and adjacent Pacific Islands excluding New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The cooperation agreement is the first step to buying a production line where the customer together with Absolicon start the preparation of detailed agreements and plans for the delivery of the production line starts.

Preparations to establish Absolicon’s production line is currently also underway with Absolicon’s partner in Canada and agreements are signed with companies in Egypt and Zimbabwe.

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2. ”Solar Heat World Wide 2023” IEA, 2023

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