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Absolicon stands firm in Corona crisis


In a challenging time for businesses and communities, Absolicon is working according to plan. The climate crisis has not taken a break and the transition to sustainable energy sources is as urgent as before.

The two largest pilot installations, planned in Mozambique and Saudi Arabia, are currently not affected by Corona and the corporations have informed Absolicon that the projects will be carried out as planned. The production of solar collectors for the pilot plant of the world’s largest brewery group AB InBev is in full swing.

Required components to produce our solar collectors are in stock or can be manufactured locally.

Five new employees recruited during the fall create a significant capacity enhancement and an opportunity to work more efficiently in several areas.

To avoid losing momentum due to extra sick leave because of Corona, Absolicon has also recruited an additional team member in the solar collector production.

“In a challenging time for businesses and communities, it feels good that Absolicon can proceed as planned. There are many similarities between the climate crisis and Corona. Both are problems that affects us all and puts our solidarity to the test. At Absolicon we will always continue working for a sustainable future”, says Joakim Byström, CEO Absolicon.


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