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Absolicon wins E-prize – business energy prize


Absolicon wins E-Prize - Sweden's leading energy award for businesses - in the category "renewable energy". Absolicon is awarded the prize for its concentrating solar collector T160, which with sunlight produces heat and steam for district heating networks and industrial processes.

E-Prize rewards Swedish companies with the most innovative solutions for climate-friendly energy supply and sustainable transport in the future. Absolicon’s patented and certified solution consisting of concentrating solar collectors that produce heat and steam for district heating networks and for operating processes in industries that manufacture food, medicines, or clothing. The solar collector follows the sun during the day and converts the sunlight into 160°C hot water or pressurized steam.

– Winning the E-Prize strengthens our message – heat is half of the global energy consumption and with a sustainable heat supply comes huge climate savings. In addition, solar heating is significantly cheaper than electrification. I am very proud to be nominated together with Exeger and Minesto, which I have followed for a long time and feel a great respect for, says Absolicon CEO Joakim Byström.

The utility company EON founded the award twelve years ago and awarded the E-Prize in collaboration with the publications Dagens Industri and Aktuell Hållbarhet on 18 November 2020. EON is one of the companies that can use the technology that is now being rewarded.

– Instead of burning fuel at summer when the sun is shining at its best, a district heating network can operate using solar heat. A company like EON can save fuel for the winter and use solar heat in the district heating networks in the summer, Joakim Byström explains.

Absolicon is currently constructing a solar heating field for district heating in Härnösand and is planning several pilot plants for industrial solar heating in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Mozambique. Absolicon is also the official supplier of solar heat to the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Absolicon’s concentrated solar collector T160 has the world’s highest measured optical efficiency for a small parabolic trough and was the first of its kind to be certified with Solar Keymark.

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