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Avantiare Construcciones y Medioambiente, S.A. signs framework agreement with Absolicon to acquire Production line for solar thermal collectors in Spain


Avantiare Construcciones y Medioambiente, S.A. has signed a framework agreement with solar thermal company Absolicon for the acquisition of a production line for the T160 Solar collector in Spain.

Absolicon has 2020-11-20 published a press release on the framework agreement with Avantiare Construcciones y Medioambiente, S.A. The following is an English summary of that press release.

Absolicon and Avantiare have signed a framework agreement for the acquisition of a production line for Absolicon’s T160 solar thermal collector establishment in Spain to provide the whole territory with advanced solar thermal solutions.

Spain is one of the solar market leader in Europe. The ideal solar resource and the good industrial panorama makes Spain a promising market for solar heat for industrial process (SHIP).

The heat consumed by the Spanish industries represents more than half of the total energy consumption, where 46 % comes from natural gas and 15 % from oil products. This emits approximately 20 million tons of CO2* to the atmosphere every year.

Using Absolicon T160 solar collectors to reduce the use of fossil fuel in industrial processes, replacing only 10 % of the heat demand, will provide an estimated market potential of almost 5 million sqm (2.6 GW) solar collectors that will avoid emitting 2 million tons of CO2 per year.

Avantiare is a construction company based in Sevilla, providing integral services to clients, from active participation to the drafting phase of the project itself. The collaboration is built on the work experience of Avantiare in the industrial sector, the environment industry and the renewable energy installations, as well as their solid establishment in the regions of Andalucía and Murcia.

The main segments of Absolicon’s solar collector technology in the territory are**:

  • Food processing
  • Brewery
  • Dairy
  • Chemical

Content of the framework agreement

The framework agreement prescribes the general principles for the separate agreements to be drawn up, and the steps to be taken before a binding agreement for the acquisition of the production line can be signed.

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