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Financial institutions commit to clean energy projects


Half of the global final energy use is heat – to heat processes, buildings and hot water. This is today mainly by fossil fuel, and heat generation represent 40% of the global CO2 emissions. As more countries fulfil their commitments for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the share of renewable energy must increase to represent the majority of the world’s energy supply within a few decades. The financial institutions play an important role. Goldman-Sachs has committed to increase their portfolio of clean energy projects from €80 billion to €150 billion in 2025.

The market for clean energy scale up as financial institutions such as Goldman-Sachs deploy capital to clean technology and renewable energy technologies. The global financial institution provide capital and financial advisory to clients as well as co-investing alongside them.

The world’s energy usage is rapidly rising as living standards increase for billions of people in the developing world.

In 2015, Goldman-Sachs expanded their existing target to $150 billion in capital deployment for the clean energy sector by 2025, reinforcing their long-term commitment to and conviction in the clean energy sector.

Goldman-Sachs seek to devise and implement investment structures that bring greater investor capital to underserved markets in order to facilitate more equitable and affordable access to clean energy.

Goldman-Sachs capital deployment for the clean energy sector >>

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