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Explore industrial decarbonization in Italy


Discover industrial decarbonization in action by securing a spot at the project visits to the Absolicon solar thermal installation at the Peroni brewery in Bari, Italy. This unique solar thermal installation combines steam generation, hot water production, and heat storage in a single, groundbreaking system.

Absolicon we will host project visits to the Peroni plant to show our solar thermal technology in action.

Here’s what you can expect during the visit:
☀️Live Demonstration: Witness our solar thermal installation in action and gain a better understanding of its practical applications.
☀️In-Depth Conversations: Engage in meaningful discussions with our experts and fellow attendees who share a common interest in sustainable energy solutions.
☀️End-User Insights: Hear directly from the Peroni team about their experiences and the impact our technology has had on their operations.

In summer 2023, Absolicon commissioned the solar thermal installation for one of Birra Peroni‘s breweries in Bari, Italy. The pilot installation marks a key step towards the decarbonization of the brewery and Asahi Beverages’s target to become carbon neutral within its breweries by 2030.

This unique solar thermal installation is powering one of Peroni´s pasteurizer by hot water or steam (depending on customer demand), supported by a heat battery of 30 m3 (storing the heat in the day and discharging the heat in the night).

Are you interested in industrial decarbonization and want to learn more about solar heat?

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