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Solar installation in Chile


The Solar energy company Absolicon has received an order of 800 000 SEK from a resort in a Chilean national park founded by Yvon and Malinda Chouinard the owners of the Patagonia clothing company. The order is the third order in less than a year in a close cooperation to deliver electricity and heat to the remotely located hotel buildings in Patagonia.

– For the people visiting the national parks, our solar energy installations will make it possible for them to have hot water and electricity in their rooms, says Cesar Ibarra, in charge of the Hispanic markets at Absolicon.

The cooperation with the Chilean project has been ongoing for a year and Absolicons personnel have been in Patagonia to supervise and monitor the installation work.

– The foundation that owns the national park, has chosen to invest in the solar energy technology of tomorrow, which is easy to upgrade as solar cell technology evolves, says Cesar Ibarra .

The solar energy sector is growing rapidly in the world, and in Germany 4% of all electricity production comes from solar cells, i.e. 20TWh per year. In countries like Chile, Absolicons solar energy technology will revolutionize energy production.

With the help of the sun, all buildings can produce electricity and heat and can even feed electricity into the grid.


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