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The best concentrated solar collector in the world


In tests, Absolicon solar collector has shown to have an efficiency of 76.6%. This is the highest number ever achieved for a small parabolic trough.

The Absolicon T160 Solar Collector, manufactured in Härnösand, has received tremendous results in Switzerland! The T160 has been tested to 76.6%, which is the highest efficiency for converting solar radiation into heat that has ever been measured for a small parabolic dish.

The Swiss Institut für Solartechnik (SPF) in Rapperswil is one of the oldest and most renowned institutes in Europe for carrying out solar heating testing. These tests form the basis for calculating annual yield and therefore state grants, so demands are high.

Absolicon chose SPF as they are able to handle measurements of up to 160 degrees celsius , something that is unusual in this industry.

The tests are carried out so that the solar collectors are directed toward the sun and the thermal energy generated is measured accurately at various temperatures.

The durability of the solar collector is also tested by loading it with over 500 kg and blasted with a pneumatic cannon charged with 25 mm hailstones. Another violent test was heating the solar collector to its maximum temperature and then rapidly filling it with cold water so that steam was spurting out!

After passing these tests and with such a high measured efficiency, Absolicon has received an important stamp of quality – the SOLAR KEYMARK from DIN CERTCO. The T160 is the only tracking solar concentrator in the world that holds that important quality certification.

Absolicon will find it easier to sell production lines and projects now they can offer the best concentrated solar collector in the world!

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