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The first production line in place in China


[ingress]Absolicon has installed its first production line in China at Heli New Energy. The robots on the line together with five operators can produce one solar collector every six minutes, 100,000 m2 annually.[/ingress]

The first T160 solar collector, the best concentrated solar protector in the world, was made on 28 April 2018 in Absolicon’s first robotic production line. This production line had first been constructed in Sweden and approved my the customer and then shipped in ten containers to the town of Mianzhu in Sichuan, China.

The Chinese customer, Heli, is a company owned jointly by the energy advisory firm Jointeam in Beijing and Xinkun Machinery, a family-owned industrial business in Mianzhu, who also stands for premises and personnel. Jointeam has offices in several Chinese provinces and good political connections.

Together with Heli , Absolicon is now installing pilot installations to be exhibited to Chinese customers. But investment in solar energy is not controlled solely by market forces. The leaders of China are planning for rapidly growing solar heating and on the question of how much Heli will be selling, the response is “it’s political”.

China is making large investments in replacing coal-fired power and from attempting to replace coal with gas and later with electricity from wind and solar cells, they are now concentrating on replacing coal with solar heating.

Absolicon is now working together with Heli in both selling large installations and selling more production lines in China.

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