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Our first production line manufacturing the world’s best concentrated solar collector is in place in Sichuan. It was a fantastic feeling when the first solar collectors were wheeled out on the production line. The time has gone quickly since Absolicon was listed on Spotlight Stock Market on June 22, 2016, with a plan for how we would become world leaders on concentrated solar energy for industry and district heating. We first developed the T160 to be simple and cheap to mass produce and it was given the highest optical efficiency in the world, 76.6%.  We have then packaged our knowledge into a production line and built a patent portfolio with up to the present day ten approved or applied for patents.
We have now installed our first line and proved we can handle the entire chain from sales to finished delivery.
Absolicon is now making a profit for the first time. The result (EBIT) was 4.5 millions SEK and together with a half a million currency exchange profit the earnings totalled around 5 millions SEK.
Now we’re taking our next step:
Absolicon is now switching over to become a sales organisation. We’re not only employing sales personnel but also resetting the entire organisation so that all employees are spending some of their working time on sales activities.
Our new efforts to become material suppliers to solar collector factories are exciting. In addition to sales of automated production lines and income from licences for manufactured solar collectors, Absolicon also earns money from sales of materials.
With a limited investment in manufacturing tools, the cost of components for solar collectors can be substantially reduced.
Absolicon has a promising material development, which in a while can give a large income and further raise the efficiency of solar collectors. We shall further improve the world’s best concentrated solar collector while maintaining our unique position in the industry.
Come with us on our exciting journey!

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