Thermal energy from solar concentrators for hot water and district heating

Solar heating is currently used primarily for providing hot water for buildings, sports facilities and industries. A growing market for thermal energy includes district heating systems where Absolicon has installed several systems.

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Solar concentrator systems can generate higher temperatures than regular solar heating systems and are easy to integrate. There is less need for storage tanks at higher working temperatures, and the system requires smaller pipe installations.

Thanks to the solar collectors’ ability to constantly remain pointed at the sun, the thermal energy exchange using Absolicon’s solar collectors is more evenly distributed over the year than with a regular solar collector, which provides a higher degree of coverage. The control system also allows you to turn off the solar collectors if no heat is needed.

If solar heating is to be used in a building, solar collectors are often installed on the roof of the building. In order to protect the solar collectors from storm damage, they are in a wind-secure position, which gives them considerably less wind load than traditional solar collectors. The solar concentrators produce thermal energy even in very cold weather. The heat losses are very small.

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