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Solar heat

Industrial applications often require temperatures above 90°C. Absolicon can generate pressurized hot water at up to 160°C during normal operations. The T160 Solar concentrator system can generate higher temperatures than regular solar heating systems and are easy to integrate. There is less need for storage tanks at higher working temperatures, and the system requires smaller pipe installations.


Because the light is concentrated, these higher temperatures can be generated throughout the year with very little heat loss. Thanks to the solar collectors’ ability to constantly remain pointed at the sun, the thermal energy exchange using Absolicon’s solar collectors is more evenly distributed over the year than with a regular solar collector, which provides a higher degree of coverage. The control system also allows you to turn off the solar collectors if no heat is needed. The solar collector is designed to withstand high pressure and each system is tested under pressure.

As the price of fuel for industrial use increases, an increasingly large share of industrial processes is being run with solar concentrators. Absolicon’s system provides easy integration with existing furnaces and heat-driven processes.

Tracking system provide higher degree of coverage.

If solar heating is to be used in a building, solar collectors are often installed on the roof of the building. In order to protect the solar collectors from storm damage, they automatically move into a secure position, which gives them considerably less wind load than traditional solar collectors. The solar concentrators produce thermal energy even in very cold weather. The heat losses are very small.

Easy to integrate

The solar central is the brain, the unit that converts the heat from the Absolicon solar collectors to different outputs that fit the specific industrial need. This video is a brief explanation of the liquid heat manager, steam manager, super steam manager, and the air heat manager.

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Absolicon T160 Solar Collector

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