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T160 Components

Absolicon T160 Solar collector has a unique technology, based on 20 years of research. We have achieved the highest optical efficiency ever measured by ensuring the highest quality in every detail.

Absolicon has, through its own research and various collaborations, found methods that reduce cost and raise performance levels of our products. Each component of the Absolicon T160 collector contributes to the total, record high, performance.

Absolicons locally produced solar collectors can be totally recycled after 25 years of lifetime. Unlike other renewable technologies, the Absolicon T160 collector has minimum share of rare materials in its composition, close to 5% of zinc, which reduces its environmental impact as well as the stability in its manufacturing cost and production chain.

A fast and global large-scale ramp of renewable energy generation facilities will cause supply chain bottlenecks due to inadequate critical minerals mining infrastructure. The Absolicon T160 requires extremely low amounts of critical minerals per MW of heat generation, making it suitable to achieve the required global energy shift.

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