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Certified with Solar Keymark

The Absolicon T160 is the first solar concentrator in the world to be certified with the Solar Keymark certification. The testing has been conducted at the prominent swiss testing institue SPF.

The German certification body DIN CERTCO has granted Absolicon T160 Solar collector the only quality certification – Solar Keymark – for a concentrating solar collector. The Solar Keymark is the standard test for any solar thermal collector and the certification is a proof of a reliability and high quality of the product.

First solar concentrator to be certified.

Following the Solar Keymark procedure, the Absolicon T160 has been tested according to the standards EN 12975-1:2010 and ISO 9806:2017. The solar collector performance has been tested under varying outdoor conditions and the solar collector safety and durability is thoroughly investigated.

quality certification – Solar Keymark

One result of the certification is that Absolicon’s T160 is approved for solar thermal support in all European countries.

Registration no: 011-7S2902C

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