Absolicon T160

Solar heat and steam up to 160°C

Absolicon T160 is an efficient solar collector with high efficiency at high temperatures. The system is designed to power industrial processes with temperatures up to 160°C. It is also suitable for district heating or to power solar cooling.

Absolicon’s technology with concentrated solar energy is based on over 20 years of Swedish research. The solar collector Absolicon T160 has been scientifically tested against standards and production parameters by SP in Sweden, by DTU in Denmark and by SPF in Switzerland.

The T160 is patented and covered by guarantees that are customized for each installation. The T160 is the only solar concentrator in the world that have the SOLAR KEYMARK certification.

Benefits – T160 solar collector

* High efficiency at high temperatures
* Easier integration with existing systems
* Provides higher energy exchange
* Energy security for the future
* Provides a high environmental profile
* Lower environmental impact on life cycle analysis (LCA)

Absolicon solar collectors are adapted for industrial heat, district heating and solar cooling.

Primary customers are industries, cities and commercial buildings with high energy requirements throughout the year. We have extensive experience in delivering turnkey solar energy systems that generate the energy the buyer needs, now and in the future.