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The Absolicon Twin Group for solar fields

Developed through years of research and over 10 years of operational experience, Absolicon innovative Twin group solution increases the modularity and reduces the installation complexity of your solar field. By reducing the need for maintenance and simplifying the supply chain, Absolicon Solar collectors twin group system will help your solar installation be more scalable, with improved performances and competitive costs. 

Download the datasheet and learn more on Absolicon twin group system

Simple mounting – Optimized energy output

Absolicon Solar Collectors are installed in units of 8 collectors, referred to as a Twin Group.

Our innovative grouping layout is the result of years of research and has been improved over a decade of operational experience to increase the modularity and reduce the installation complexity for your solar field.

The solar collector twin groups are mounted in two rows of 4 collectors equipped with unique mounting frames and bearings system. The modularity and flexibility of this system make it possible to adapt the installation to different needs by adjusting not only the “Centre to Centre” distance but also the leg heights in case of obstacles or slopes.

Moreover, although each row can drive a maximum of 4 collectors in series, the solar collectors’ group can be adapted to other layouts and reduced to 2×3 collectors, 2×2 collectors, or even 2×1 collectors when the space available is limited.

The twin group modularity and design flexibility allow Absolicon technology to achieve a tailored, trouble-free mounting and an optimized efficiency for your solar installation.


Long-lasting and corrosion resistant

To ensure corrosion resistance and withstand severe weather conditions Absolicon R&D department opted for Magnelis as the main material to build the support structure. The use of this outstanding alloy also results in more sustainable maintenance costs.

Absolicon solar field - twin group - corrosion resistant

Flexible design for enhanced performance

With the adjustable Centre to Centre (CC), you can reduce the shading effect and maximize the energy output for a given field according to the available space.

Absolicon solar field - twin group - flexible design

Adaptive on rough terrain

Each leg of the group has adjustable height to meet the different necessities and fit your specific installation needs.

Absolicon solar field - twin group - adaptive on rough terrain

Improved Sun tracking system

Two active bearings, one per row, contain parts of an active tracking system that allows the Solar Collectors to track the sun during normal operation. The tracking system also protects your Solar Collectors in case of overheating or to withstand adverse weather.

Absolicon solar field - twin group - sun tracking system

Customizable layout

There are no technical limits to the size and capacity of a solar thermal energy system. The only restricting factor is the available space. The number of solar collectors can be reduced when your available space is limited.

Absolicon solar field - twin group - customizable layout

Download the datasheet and learn more on Absolicon twin group system

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