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Solar heat integration

A secure energy source for industry and buildings

We help industries with the transition from fossil fuels providing a profitable, easy to install, and trouble-free green energy solution using solar energy resources. Absolicon industrial heating solutions reduce the existing heating cost, prevent CO2 emissions, and ensure energy security for industries.

Solar thermal integration points

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Integrating solar heat in your plant

Absolicon offers a system-wide solution with maximum collector efficiency and reliable plant operation, which can supply heat, steam, and cooling processes with the same system.

Solar heat can be integrated at multiple integration points into the existing heating system. The highest possible solar system efficiency is achieved by prioritizing low-temperature integrations points.

Multiple integration points.

Important applications include industries, district heating and residential properties with large energy need all year long.

Making the transition to solar

Absolicon’s turnkey solution help industries meet their sustainability goals in the most cost-effective way.

The transition starts with our simulations team identifying the most suitable heating processes. The second step is the installation of an Absolicon T160 Solar collector-field. The Absolicon collector-field is easy to install based on the conditions of the site or building and can easily be remounted if the need for land usage changes.

Proceeding, Absolicon can offer methods that replace 100% fossil fuel consumption.

Download Infographic solar thermal energy

With solar heat integration you get:

Reduction in CO2 emissions: Most industries consume the majority of their energy as heat for production processes. Through the use of solar heat, this part of the heat demand is met without emissions.
Reduction in fuel cost: Solar heat replaces the cost for buying expensive fuel used to heat industrial processes. Solar heat also reduces the cost of transporting fuel.
Energy security: The fuel prices are prone to rapid changes, which can negatively affect the industry revenues. Solar energy provides sustainable heat, ensuring energy security for industries.

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