Absolicon MT10

Steam and process heat for industry

Efficient solar collector with a high degree of efficiency at high temperatures. The system is designed to run industrial processes.

Absolicon MT10 generates solar heat and solar steam up to 160°C. The heat can also be used for solar cooling. Absolicon’s solar concentrator technology is based on over 20 years of Swedish research. The Absolicon MT10 solar collector is certified, patented and covered by warranties that are customized for each business.

Advantages - MT10

* High-efficiency at high temperatures
* Simple integration with existing systems
* Energy security for the future
* Creates higher environmental profile
* Lower environmental impact in the life cycle analysis (LCA)

Absolicon solar collectors are adapted for larger buildings, industrial applications and businesses with major energy needs all year round. We have a lot of experience delivering turnkey solar energy systems that can generate the energy that the purchaser needs, now and in the future.

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